This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is not having to worry about being bigger than your mum. Not having her be concerned because she “was thin at your age” and your belly fat you’ve finally started thinking is fine is concerning to her. Because “carrying weight at your stomach increases the risk of heart/blood pressure problems!”

Having your mum worry about your dad’s family’s predisposition towards heart problems, but conveniently forgetting the overall larger size of everyone in his family at the same time. Implying the risks of genetics but forgetting them in turn.

Where she makes you feel terrible about yourself, saying you should be the size she was at that age, not considering the size your dad was instead.

Where she makes you feel terrible because she was thin at your age and you’re not.


  1. layna-lane said: That’s just crap, sometimes girls are bigger than their moms, it’s just the way it is. Mine’s 5’7 & has been really thin her entire life. I’m 6’, have never been thin & outweigh her by well over 100 lbs but I’m lucky she’s never put me down bc of it.
  2. mzmegs said: Thank god my mom isn’t like this. We’re the same size and she’s 44 while I’m 18 and she was model-thin at my age.