This is Thin Privilege

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It’s time for a contest!

I keep hearing people talk about how fat privilege is real, while completely ignoring that every single example of fat privilege is either completely based in fat phobia or is actually an example of thin, white, class, able body, cis or even first world privilege.

For this contest we (or I will) will be choosing the top 10 examples of fat privilege to discuss or explain. To be considered you must reply to this post below with your example. Anything sent in as an ask or submission will be deleted. Everyone has until Monday night to submit their own example. (I’m hoping that everyone’s response will show up in the notes)

For transparency, this contest is to make a point fat privilege doesn’t exist. So have fun with it. 


So on to the contest, what is your best example of fat privilege?


  1. discojaguar answered: Kindof funny they only are showing the ones that are cleary satire.
  2. dirtyredusarmy answered: Fat privilege is getting a free trip to the zoo every time you need an MRI.
  3. northclues said: Some of these “fat privilege examples” are just further proving the thin privilege they have. Extremely ridiculous.
  4. panda-valentine answered: Fat privilege is getting to scream HAES. If a thin girl tries it shes “annorexic”. Every means all. Not just every one who agrees with you.
  5. mister-shady answered: Fat privilege is being able to use your weight to physically bully your thin friends.
  6. sexistsayings answered: Fat privileged is being encouraged—nay, forced— to ride shotgun.
  7. soapbubblesareforever answered: Fat privilege is having nearly the entire world put your health concerns above their own, how considerate!
  8. pieandpumpkinjuice answered: fat privilege is being able to berate your slightly thinner friend’s low body image until she cries and have no one say anything