This is Thin Privilege

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You’ve probably heard things like

“Oh my god that dress makes you look so skinny!”

“Oh my god you look so skinny in that picture!”

“Wow I look so skinny in this!”

“Ugh I look so fat today.”

“Ugh this shirt makes me look so fat.”

“Ew don’t post that picture I look fat in it.”





Thin privilege is skinny having a positive connotation in every situation.


don’t get me wrong, YES sometimes it happens, but people who talk like this are stupid.

BUT, I never get compliments for being skinny. a few people here and there tell me they like my body. but even my own parents make jokes about how I should “eat a burger” I get that fucking joke so often.

or people will upon meeting me say “do you eat ever?”

people are rude to  you whether you’re skinny OR bigger, so don’t make it seem like us skinny people don’t get shit.

fuck sake.

^ This last comment is thin privilege.

Bask in all its glory.

Because that’s the worst thing, folks. To be told to eat. That’s just as bad as fat people being told to starve themselves, and yanno, all that other shit fat people put up with like being told we’re blots on the face of human existence, we’re diseased, there needs to be a ‘war’ against us, we cause global warming, we’re abusive parents, we’re unworthy sexual and romantic partners, we’re bad children and siblings and spouses and friends, we’re contagious, we’re bad citizens and a ‘drag on the economy/healthcare system,’ and so on, and so forth.

Yeah. Fat people dying from our perfectly healthy organs being mutilated by surgeons making big money off the stigmatization of our body type. Our kids being taken away from us. Our access to even having kids in the first place being reduced if we have fertility issues or are in a same-sex couple. Not to mention how fat intersects with other marginalized states to usually make being a person who is marginalized in other ways a lot fucking harder.

No. Because skinny people get told to eat sandwiches sometimes.

You’re right, oh indignant thin person. It’s exactly the same.

I would much rather be told to eat than told to starve. Or to be a scapegoat for all that’s wrong with the world. 

But you wouldn’t know what that’s like, would you?


I’ve never heard of a case where children got taken away from parents because they were fat, and I can’t see that happening unless there is decent evidence for potential emotional or physical abuse or other forms of mistreatment - but agreed with everything else above. 

You should check out google before assuming it doesn’t happen. Not only are fat children taken away from their parents, fat parents have had their children taken away. Fat parents have also been denied the ability to adopt children. This has been happening more and more regularly with the increasing level of fat phobia.


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