This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is being able to read the first paragraph of a recipe blog without being reminded your body type is undesirable. I’m so tired of clicking on nondescript dessert recipe links, only to find out it’s vegan fat-free gluten-free sugar-removed-to-within-a-micron, oh and by the way, the creator made it that way because we all need to be watching our figures, am I right? How about this: I track down the original version, fat and sugar intact, and if you can’t stomach the thought of looking like me, well, all the more for me.

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  1. tiniestdaffodil said: some people NEED to eat those kinds of diets because they have diseases that won’t permit it, or are strongly against animal consumption, but i see where you’re coming from and i’m sorry.
  2. soylentvanilla said: Ugh, I hate those. I like my sweets to be sweet! Just because I’m vegan does not mean I’m “watching my figure”, it’s not a diet!