This is Thin Privilege

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I’ve gained a little weight (thyroid — oh, joy!), and I realized I’m dealing with fear. You see, I wear size 26-28. If I gain much more weight, I won’t be able to find hardly any clothes in a brick and mortar store — any at all (not just the expensive, poorly made ones I get today).

If I gain a little more weight, I will not fit into a single airplane seat any more. (I fit now with an extender.)

If I gain a little more weight, I will not fit into chairs with arms any more.

Thin privilege is being able to do any of these things! I’ve known I have privilege for a long time now, but everyone once in awhile I really GET that I have some thin privilege even though I’m a pretty fat person.

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  1. lilsarahbooable said: This really helps underscore the fact that thin privileged is on a sliding scale a lot of times. I mean certain things happen to all fat people (at least most) but the higher the size the more shit they have to deal with.