This is Thin Privilege

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I’ve never considered myself overweight or fat before a few years ago. Nobody in my life every told me I was heavier and I always thought of myself as attractive because I was comfortable with my body. I recently decided to not necessarily lose weight — but to be healthier because my family has a lot of health issues and I want to try to prevent those from happening to me. Today I had an awful reminder of how horrible people are. I am trying to raise money for foster children and while doing so on campus, a ridiculous person told me that I should take the money to buy myself some lipsuction. Girls not to far away were raising money for children with cancer and nobody said a single thing to them about their weight. Thin privilege is being able to publicly be a good person without hearing negative comments from jerks with no self esteem of their own. So I thought I’d try here because I’m somewhat anonymous. If anybody would be interested in helping out foster children — all donations are welcome! I don’t care what you look like, who you are, what your BMI is — nobody deserves to be ridiculed and told to be somebody that they’re not!


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