This is Thin Privilege

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"To me thin Privilege is…… getting a free t-shirt that fits, ever." I'm sorry, but aren't most free t-shirts (at least the ones I get) are ALWAYS a huge size if they're for adults? Every event I've went to with one-size shirts are XL+.

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Hey, and guess what thin people can still put on their bodies — XL t-shirts! Guess what fat people can’t put on their bodies — t-shirts that are too small

This has been your Thinsplaination EXPLANATION.



  1. ms-kawesome said: Plus it’s quite simple to take in a t-shirt, whereas you can’t magically conjure extra fabric.
  2. hoidn said: i love that XL is “huge” now. what does that make people who are too “huge” for XL? “huger”? how about “ginormous”? or maybe godzilla. “what size would you like?” “i’d like a godzilla please.” i want to be size godzilla!
  3. meello said: And, with all due respect, a thin person’s view of what’s “huge” is usually pretty relative. Those XL’s are not “one size fits all.”