This is Thin Privilege

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tw: weight loss talk

Thin privilege is going to your gynecologist for birth control and being prescribed birth control. 

I have been suffering from awful menstrual cycles that are not only irregularly-timed, but have a ridiculous length. By the time I went to see my gyno last August, I had been bleeding for literally three months (and had all the symptoms of PMS to boot). Since I’d had issues with irregular periods ever since I first started menstruating, I decided to start taking birth control in order to regulate my cycle. 

After the exam, I was really hopeful because the doctor hadn’t been rude or judgmental at all thus far. She told me she couldn’t find anything wrong, so I told her that I wanted to start taking birth control because I couldn’t handle periods like this any longer. She then looked at me and told me that she didn’t want to prescribe me contraceptives because they’d give me breast cancer. She told me that someone of my size would develop breast cancer if they took oral contraceptives. 

I was so afraid at that point that I denied the pills. I asked her what she suggested I do, since obviously bleeding for three months at a time surely wasn’t good for me. Her suggestion? Take iron supplements and lose weight. 


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  5. buttonmeupbuttons said: Oh, and the link between obesity and breast cancer only applies AFTER MENOPAUSE (when women get most of their estrogen from fat cells instead of their ovaries). So tell your doctor to fuck off and give you the damn pills.
  6. mermaidqueenofsassafras said: I did this when I was 12. First period ever. I later found out I had PCOS. I would ask them to do an ultra sound to check for cysts. If they refuse, demand it. They can’t legally deny you from having it.
  7. theboxcarchild said: WOW. This is exactly what’s going on with my girlfriend, who’s also fat. :( hugs for anon. I hope we can get a better doctor/Gyno when we’re finally not poor.
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    Wow this is bullshit. There’s no way you bleed for three months and nothing is wrong. And the link between hormonal...
  9. morextrememe said: Unless she did a blood work-up there is no way she knows there is nothing wrong. Additionally, weight gain is often a symptom of hormonal issues, telling you to lose weight is not just ignoring the problem and fatphobic, it is potentially impossible.
  10. syntheticfail said: She didn’t check to see if you have PCOS? and wtf there’s various pills and hormonal treatments to do *hugs to anon*