This is Thin Privilege

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I take offense at how you responded to the person asking for advice on letting an over weight person down gently. Had it been 'Some guy is chasing me only because I'm overweight, not because of my personality' you would have been more than willing to assist. It's sexist and sizeist to treat someone different because they're fit and male.

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How the fuck do you know what I’d be willing to “assist in”?

Plus, your parallel is not a parallel at all. In both cases the woman in the equation is being objectified (reduced to her appearance) by a man. A parallel would be if a fat person wanted to turn down a thin person because the thin person is “too skinny” — and I’d approach that the same way: by saying I think there’s a place where personal preferences and personal bigotries become indiscernible from one another.

The fact is, NO ONE can state with absolute certainty what their ‘personal preference’ is in a vacuum. We all grow up in some kind of society with some kind of culture, with some kind of adults in our lives  we are beholden to or are lucky enough to look up to, and are placed in situations and sent messages that mold and shape how we see our world. 

I’m not saying that personal preferences are absolutely subjective. I’m saying there’s no way to fucking know that the reason you “just don’t like” fat people is because you’ve been programmed since you were small to find fat people disgusting, unfriendly, inferior, untrustworthy, and so forth, or because some sophisticated ‘hard-wiring’ yet to be objectively substantiated by serious research has birthed you into a state of non-desire towards fat folks.

Your arousal does not mean a fuck to me. I don’t care, and I’m not going to cede your fatphobia in the face of whatever makes you horny (or not). Your arousal, or lack thereof, doesn’t absolve you of your bigotry, ignorance, and hatred.