This is Thin Privilege

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Another fat =/= unhealthy story  (I get a little graphic in the descriptions, sorry):

A few years ago, I ended up coming down with some kind of virus.  My doctor couldn’t figure it out, the internet couldn’t figure it out, and honestly, I still have no idea what it was.  Basically I couldn’t eat anything, could barely keep down most liquids, and ended up with bleeding sores in my mouth that pretty much ensured that even if I could keep any food down, I wouldn’t be able to eat it in the first place.  The best the doctor could do was put me on pain medication to keep it from hurting too badly and to help me basically sleep through it all. 

I ended up losing about 20 lbs in the space of a week and a half.  Thankfully I gained it back pretty quickly.  But my main point is that, if I wasn’t fat in the first place, that probably would have killed me.


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