This is Thin Privilege

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Do you think whom ever cast Les Mis purposely went out of their way to cast thinner people to make fat people feel bad or is it a subconscious decision to cast thinner people? (Not attacking you, just wondering)

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It’s just what’s done in films, as the film industry is completely and utterly submersed in fatphobia and fat discrimination. How could you watch any films and seriously ask this question? Because most of them aren’t specifically about thin people, yet the vast majority star thin people, even the ones not set in 19th century France. Weird, right?

(and you might consider leaving out the parenthetical not-trying-to-attack-you. Because folks who write in with serious questions don’t have to qualify them with “but I’m not attacking you, seriously!”)


Edited to add:

pastelpasties said: I think the problem with this is that Les Mis is very much about the poorer, lower class. Back then, no money=no food=emaciated.

FFS do I have to link this every single fucking time I talk about Les Miz on this blog? Fat people can be starving or food insecure as well. READ THIS. EVERYONE. NOW, FUCKDAMMIT. -ATL


  1. patricideisforwinners said: It also doesn’t make sense because in the stage version, fat people are frequently cast to play Valjean, Javert, Fantine, and the Thenardiers.
  2. bedroomhymn said: Has no one seen the original British stage cast? Madame Thenardier was played by a larger lady who is, in my opinion, the best portrayal of the character on stage or screen alike. I hate that people think being undernourished = being skinny UGH.