This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is not being ashamed when you run out of breath going up stairs.

My high school had killer steps. Even my athletic friends would complain of being out of breath when they got to the top. But being overweight my entire life, I was terrified of having people judge me. So I would fake a yawn and hide my mouth behind my hand so no one would see me panting.

To this day, when I run out of breath, I yawn. It seems I classically conditioned myself.

It’s things as small as this that made high school a living hell. I couldn’t even walk to class without being fearful of what others were thinking about me.


  1. seethedancingllama said: I hold my breath until my heart rate slows down so no one sees me panting. I hate that.
  2. radicallyvisible said: Me too. Yawn or cough :(
  3. lovelyloverly said: i used to laugh. like i would be in a conversation (which obviously makes it worse) so then i would just laugh, that way it wouldn’t seem like i was out of breath. i still do it.
  4. gentlenight said: I do the same thing!
  5. darling-hooligan said: I do this too.
  6. bynaturedesiresknowledge said: I do the exact same thing and always have
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  8. sebabug said: I do the same thing every time the elevator is out in our dorms and we have to go up the stairs. ;  ; glad I’m not the only one, it sucks