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Several years ago I went on a trip to NYC. It was my first time in a big city and I was very excited. One of the things I really wanted to to do was to go to a certain famous bakery (I wanted to be a pastry chef) and have their famous European style pasticcini. Pasticcini are little bite-size Italian pastries and you usually sample a variety of them. When I went to the bakery I ordered a dozen assorted pastries and a coffee intending to eat there (the bakery had a seating area). The cashier glared at me when paid for my order and asked me where “the rest of my group” was.  I said I was alone. She then asked if I had made a mistake with my order since “no one eats a dozen cakes alone”. I was mortified and pointed out that pasticcini are not cakes as they are one, maybe two, bites each. The cashier sneered at me and said “whatever fatty”.  I got very angry and asked to see the manager. The cashier called the manager but then told him that I was being belligerent and that I threatened her. When I denied this and told him what  really happened the manager told me to leave and threatened to call the police. As I was leaving I heard the cashier tell the manager “you know fat people can’t control themselves around cake” and they both laughed. Fighting back tears I went back to my hotel room.

This incident completely ruined my trip and made me decide not to become a pastry chef because I did not want people to look at me and say “figures she likes cake”.


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    Wow how fucked up you should go higher up into the company and tell them what happened. Don’t let their words get you...
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    Oh my GOD. For fuck’s sake, humans. :’o(
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  21. squeakycleanjessicalynn said: I would have loved them to call the cops. It’d be nice to have an official record of the incident for the lawsuit I’d have filed. Fuck that place.
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