This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is not seriously thinking about taking up smoking again, on the pretense that it will help you to lose weight - even after you quit cold turkey just over a year ago, allowing you to breathe freely, sing, run again. Thin privilege is not having such a fucked-up self image that you would rather revisit a habit that was physically destroying you, rather than accept your body the way that it is.

I felt like this all of today, when I went to look for some new clothes for work - and I recognise my thin privilege. I am not saying I can imagine what it’s like to not find clothes that fit you. But ever since I’ve gained weight after quitting, I’ve felt like my body is something I ought to hide and be ashamed of. And even though I know that I won’t fall off the wagon despite this biting, awful, everyday temptation, I hate that my mind goes there because I’ve ~* omg gone up a dress size*~! Like that fucking matters over all the other health benefits I’ve gained because I quit smoking. 

Thin privilege is never having to feel like you would rather rekindle your addiction than accept your body the way that it is.

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