This is Thin Privilege

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Trolling through Disqus

So I haven’t gone through TITP’s Disqus comments in a long time. I’m busy, and it’s mostly just a troll cesspool. But tonight I decided to finally clean out the Pending, and since I had so many to go through at once, decided to make this tally of the kinds of troll comments we get at TITP. It’s amazing how few categories they fit into, generally. 

Note that the occasional comment covered more than one category below, but most comments didn’t. I have the theme of the comment on the left, and the tally number on the right. Sorted by most common comment to least. There were also some that were literally just “lol ur fat” that didn’t fall into any category, so they’re not included. (ArteToLife)


Commenter invents statistics/”science”/”facts” to support whatever they’re arguing for 18

Fat people are stupid 17

Don’t be so sensitive/you’re “delusional”/”paranoid” 16

Fat people are liars 15

Eat less move more 15

Fat people are unhealthy 13

Fat people disgust me 8

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle/you wouldn’t be fat if you “lost weight the right way” 6

Bad things happen to thin people too 6

Stop oppressing me by pointing out oppression 5

But fat people are physically incapable of X! 5

Fatties r gonna die 4

Don’t force me to be attracted to fat people 3

Fat people are inhuman 3

Fat rights isn’t as important as oppression X 3

I disagree with you politically, so will listen to nothing you say 1

If you don’t like being oppressed why doncha do something about it, fatty? 1

I earned my thin privilege 1

You misandrist! 1


  1. ms-kawesome said: Ah that’s funny
  2. jaded-flirtation said: Bingo!