This is Thin Privilege

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On one of my mother’s Christian programmes, the reverend preaching was going on about sin and stuff, how people’s lifestyles in the secular world are offensive to God.

Then out of nowhere, she started on fat people.  That fat people are by nature greedy, lack self-control, are not clean (since cleanliness is next to godliness, I guess?), the embodiment of Gluttony etc.  She capped it off by saying that by being fat, they are offending God.  That fat people ‘desecrate’ the vessel they’ve been granted, tainting the sacred temple that is their earthly body, and that unless they stop ‘sinning’ and repent, that they won’t receive the bounty of God’s good will and grace.

So I guess, thin privilege is not being told that your body type is offensive to God Himself.  Thin privilege isn’t being told that the way you look is a shrine to one of the seven deadly sins.  Thin privilege isn’t being told that the way you look will put a wedge between you and God permanently. 

And, following her logic, It isn’t being told that it doesn’t matter if you’re a good person: if you die fat, you’re going to go to hell, since your body is a sin in and of itself


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