This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is the huge number of troll blogs created just to make fun of this blog. It’s how willing people are to crack jokes about TiTP, and how few troll blogs there are surrounding other privilege blogs compared to this one. Note: I’m not trying to claim other privilege blogs (white privilege, etc.) don’t have trolls, or that they don’t have a legitimate cause, it just seems like people are a lot more willing to dismiss or even make fun of people who try to discuss thin privilege.

Mod response:

We do get some pretty fucking gnarly trolls around here, but actually, women of color bloggers, most of whom are just talking about their lives, receive a greater volume and nastier stuff than we do. Direct death threats, epithets which have a longer and worse history of oppression and death, some really serious shit. Some of them are stalked in person, even, and get messages detailing where they were and what they were wearing at specific times. One WOC blogger and writer I read actually had to move several states away to keep herself and her family safe. There was a very real threat to her life and well-being and the police where she was would do nothing.