This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is never having to hear the phrases “You’re cute for a bigger girl” or “You’ll look even better once you lose some weight” or my personal favorite “Well, at least you have your personality. Its never having to hear your doctor say “Why don’t you ask for Weight Watchers for Christmas this year?”. Thin privelege never makes you question if you’d look funny beside your crush because they’re not as big as you are. Its never feeling like you’ll never be good enough to be anyone’s wife one day. Thin privelege is not getting used because he heard that fat girls are easy. Thin privilege doesn’t make you wish a car would just come and hit you full force but make you take back that wish because you don’t want to burden anyone with having to pick up your dead weight. Thin privilege is not having to know that you didn’t get put on the cheerleading squad because of your weight, no matter how good you were. Thin privelege is something I’ve wished for my whole life.


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