This is Thin Privilege

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[tw: weight loss/diet talk, calorie counting]

Thin privilege is getting to listen to the radio without hearing the show hostess give some “helpful” tips on eliminating your body size.

I should have turned the channel as soon as I heard ‘health and fitness’, but I usually like her show, so I gave it a chance. She then went on to talk about how Easter is time to start preparing for swimsuit season (i.e. getting thin enough to be “allowed” to wear a swimsuit), “So don’t ruin your diet with your Easter basket!” 

She then went on to list the calories in popular treats, each with a shocked vocal inflection, urging her audience to be even more diligent in counting their calories. I finally changed the channel then. I’ll eat as many jelly beans as I’d like to, thanks, and still wear a swimsuit this summer, too.