This is Thin Privilege

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This happens more than it should

Thin privilege is posting a picture of a fat person on Facebook, because they were sitting down in a chair, in line at Subway.

Thin privilege is saying that that person is too obese to be healthy, and they obviously need to loose weight.

Thin privilege is not caring that it’s at Subway, the “healthy” fast food place.

Thin privilege is saying, “I’d be you wouldn’t care if I posted a picture of a guy at Walmart with a mullet”, when called out on how shitty it is to take pictures of people without their knowledge, let alone make fun of them.

Thin privilege is saying “It’s really not that shitty” because that person needs help.

Thin privilege is not acknowledging the facts I wrote about “The Obesity Epidemic” while saying “BUT FAT ISN’T HEALTHY!!!”.

Think privilege is when I say, “You do realize you’re talking about my body type?” you respond with “But I didn’t mean you. You’re taking this too personally”, or “Take it as you will.”

Thin privilege is mocking me when I try to supply sources (“You should do PR for “Fat Head”, since you love it so much.”)

Thin privilege is being a smoker, and not seeing the ACTUAL health risks in that, while taking pictures of fat people because “LOL LOOK HOW LAZY FAT PEOPLE ARE”.

And finally, thin privilege is taking a picture of someone sitting down in line.
You don’t know if they’ve been on their feet for 6+ hours, how they’re feeling that day, etc.

If someone needs to sit down, they need to fucking sit down. It’s none of your business  and just because you work at a Vegan Store and know about “nutrition”, doesn’t mean you know that person and their health. Jfc. 

I dealt with this a few days ago, and I was going to take screen shots, but I just couldn’t handle it. I had to unfriend and block because it was so fucking stupid.


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