This is Thin Privilege

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P.E Class ( possible trigger warning: bullying, abuse)

Thin privilege is not going through P.E class in middle school and having other kids hit your legs to see them jiggle. 

When I entered fifth grade I had already been through a couple years of being made fun of and treated badly because of my weight during elementary school. But when P.E came along and had uniforms with it, everything got worse. The uniform was a t shirt and shorts you had to buy through the school that had the school’s name and mascot on them. I only wore shorts at home at that time (as I preferred comfy pants and dresses) and the shorts I wore were a children’s large and were comfy and loose enough. So when my parents ordered the uniforms they had put down large for the shorts. Well, when they came in the shorts were not only tight fitting on my legs, but they came up shorter as well (I was one of the tallest girls in the class and in the school for most of those 4 years). They were uncomfortable and I didn’t want to wear them, but it was required or I would fail P.E. FAIL P.E CLASS. Because of these shorts. Well, we couldn’t order a new pair for a while so I had to just deal with that pair for as long as I had to, but that came with its own set of consequences. Other kids would huddle around me if I was sitting alone and one would always try and start something with me. If I retaliated and told them to stop they would push me, kick me..but the one thing that always made me so uncomfortable that after it would happen, I’d end up crying in a corner. These kids thought that my bigger legs were so disgusting and funny that they’d smack each leg. Hard. When my legs jiggled, they’d go into these fits of laughter and just hit them again, harder each time, then they’d tell other kids to come and do it because it was ‘so funny how her fat legs jiggle like jello’. It took me 2 more years to have friends around me that I could be safe with, so I’d usually hide in the locker rooms when I had the chance, hoping the other kids wouldn’t come find me. 

Thin privilege is not having to fear a class in middle school because the kids find your fat legs so funny. 

If I hadn’t gotten my shirt a size bigger, it would have been even worse. They could have seen my arms.