This is Thin Privilege

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I’ve interviewed with 2 school systems in the past 2 months. Several of my classmates also interviewed with one of those systems. Every single one of them, except for me, got a job offer from that school that day. With the exception of one guy, who is what I might call chubby, all of those people were thin, white, conventionally pretty females. 

It’s entirely possible that I am simply bad at interviewing and need practice. Maybe they feel like I’ll be a bad teacher. But with that evidence, it seems more likely that they just didn’t want the fat girl around their students.

Thin privilege is knowing that you will be judged for your capability and not how much space you take up.

Side Note: I also had a Q&A seminar on interviewing with a local [elementary] principal who insisted that we MUST make a good impression when we enter a job interview with “nice clothes that fit well”. The only thought going through my head was “And what if stores don’t sell nice clothes that fit my body type well?” I wish I’d been brave enough to ask her that.