This is Thin Privilege

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I went to see my gynecologist today, because I’ve been having problems with my pill this past month. I live in France and we’ve had scandals about one certain type of pill provoking very dangerous health problems. That type of pill is the one I use, so I wanted to talk to her about that, plus since the begining of February, I’ve been on my period every two weeks, eventhough I was still taking the pill normally.

She did NOT listen to me AT ALL. I did not have the possibility to tell her even half of the things I wanted to tell her. She decided to examine me eventhough I was on my period, which hurt, and then she looked at me with an expression of pity and said “Well, there’s a weight problem” BEFORE asking me how much I weighed. Let me just say that she has no idea of what my health has been for the  past 3 years, because I haven’t seen her in 3 years. But just by looking at me, she knew that I “had a weight problem”.

This whole appointment was just terribly humiliating. I guess thin privilege is not being constantly humiliated by someone who’s supposed to help you manage your health.


  1. puravidababe said: and the French aren’t really known for being accepting of fat anyway. :\
  2. lovely-lace-and-fishnets said: Also, my gyn kept saying to me, no birth control has been tested for effectiveness on women as OBESE as you. I finally asked, what is the highest weight they have been tested on? 160 lbs, she said. Btw she pushes a protein powder diet as well.