This is Thin Privilege

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The Biggest Loser is starting a new season in Australia and the ads keep showing these fat families discussing the ways they are discriminated against eg. Can't join the army, can't find clothes that fit, get teased all the time, and saying that's why they want to lose weight and they're crying and there's sad/inspirational music playing and it makes me want to fucking vomit and I thought it deserved a place of shame on this blog. Xx

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It sure does. And it’s really important to note that none of those things are the fault of the fat person and by The Biggest Loser airing ads like that they’re implying that these things are not only the fault of the fat person but within control of the fat person, and if you don’t ‘take control’ then you get what you deserve.

I hate that fucking show so much. The fucking gladiator games of our time. What a fucking travesty.



  1. dona-nobispacem said: Ugh. What. I wanted to reblog this and I hit the reply button six times before realizing I can’t reblog asks.
  2. ms-kawesome said: The ads make me so angry and so sad, I just hate that show and everything it stands for so much.
  3. queertobacco said: oh that biggest loser ad makes me HATE so badly. not only does it feature fat children hating their bodies, it then has equally sized parents sitting there CONFIRMING all of this self-hate and VALIDATING and ENFORCING this view! ARGH!
  4. salainen said: the newest Aus TBL ads are SUPER triggering to me. I hate them.