This is Thin Privilege

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This is more an example of fat-phobia…I went to donate blood plasma last week, and I was rejected for being under the weight limit (I weighed 107 and the limit was 110). So while everyone was quite kind to me about it, they felt very sorry and told me to come back if/when I made the requirement, and that they’d keep my record on file. Though, as I was walking out of the donation center, one of the assistants caught me and said, “Oh, I’m so sorry you can’t donate…but I understand if we don’t see you again - I’d kill for your figure!”

It just kind of irked me the wrong way that a) this woman was assuming that I prided my figure ABOVE my ability to save a life, and b) that she assumed that a measly 3 pounds (which on most scales would put me from “underweight” to “slightly less underweight” since I’m pretty tall) would ruin my figure.

It just bothered me how there is such a stigma against ANY weight gain - no matter what the reason.