This is Thin Privilege

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[Submitter’s note: today’s thin privilege is served with a dollop of misogyny. Please enjoy!] 

Thin privilege is a shirt a size too small. 
You know the kind of shirt. It’s just a little too short and snug. When you move your arms the right way, it rides up and exposes your stomach a little. 
A thin girl obviously means to do it. She’s being a temptress and a tease. She’s inviting men to stare at her. It’s seen as a good thing.
A fat girl doesn’t mean to. She’s a slob and doesn’t care about her appearance. It’s seen as a bad thing.
Either way, society says it’s okay to comment about it and make catcalls or retching noises, depending on the circumstance. But thin privilege means it’s “sexy” if you’re thin and “slobby” if you’re fat.


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