This is Thin Privilege

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The submissions about birth control reminded me of something earlier that has been bugging me for a while.

Thin privilege is your doctor not being so preoccupied with imploring you about all the supposedly weight-related side effects of the pill you’re trying to get that she completely forgets to tell you that this is a pill people use to get bigger boobs and that such growth can be one of the side effects of it.

I wanted this pill because I thought it would help me with an issue I have. I finally managed to talk my gyn into prescribing it for me (and she did so, adding A TON of stipulations, one of them being continued weight loss. Others being that I continue to not smoke, which I don’t have any desire to do anyway and that I don’t drink any more alcohol than I do now which is already very little.) Thin privilege is also your birth control pill not coming with a list of stipulations.

But that’s not actually why I’m writing this. I took that pill for six months and sadly it wasn’t solving the issue I wanted solved so I started toying with the idea of going back to my previous one. I was convinced of doing that the next time I needed a new bra. I now have a bra size bigger which I totally did not need. I have a very generous amount of boobage already and that makes it already hard enough to find cute bras in my all-over big size. Now it’s even harder.