This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is generally being able to go bra shopping in real world stores, and on online stores find a wide range of bras and get what you want. 

Even on specialist ‘plus size’ websites I have a very hard time and the only thing my size in the kind I’m comfortable in is only available in pink. I refuse to buy a pink bra. Seriously, all of my country’s online stores, including the so called ‘plus sized ones’ and there’s not a single one I’d be happy buying cause the choices suck.


  1. element72 said: Hey, I know a shit ton about bras and buying online (as my size also requires), throw me a message, and I will do all I can to help y’all out! Or go to r/ABraThatFits on reddit
  2. skm-harem said: I can never find a 34 DDD in either normal stores or specialized plus stores so I resort to a 36DD that doesn’t fit. Boob problems.
  3. v0lus said: i actually just found a good site for bras today. try, its a UK store and they have a massive size range but the shipping is really cheap to most places. good luck!