This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege isn’t ordering the same thing on the menu as someone else at the table and getting served less because “You don’t need it anyway.”

Thin privilege isn’t being brought a diet coke when you ask for a refill of your regular coke, and when your boyfriend speaks up on your behalf he is told that “She would be prettier if she was thinner.”

Then, to top it off, the server brings your boyfriend a dessert menu…but doesn’t give one to you.

I reported the server: the manager told me if I tried to lose weight it wouldn’t have happened. I left the restaurant in tears and won’t return


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  4. getinthehandbasket said: 1) Name & Shame 2) Yelp reviews 3) If they’re a chain, write in on their website, AS WELL as contacting the district manager. Keep going up the chain until you find someone who will listen. Keep names, and report them in every step.