This is Thin Privilege

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thin privilege is using public transport without any worries.

I have a measure of thin privilege in that I don’t take up more than half of a seat on public transport.  Yet the empty seat next to me is usually the last one filled on a bus, and people frequently prefer to stand for a long trip rather than sit next to me.  I’ve had people sigh and shift uncomfortably in their seats when I take the empty one next to them, even though I sacrifice my own comfort by sometimes having up to half my ass hanging off the seat so as to avoid the horrific sin of touching my fat body to theirs and making them even more uncomfortable because omg, fat people are always SWEATY (yes, because I ran for the bus in 35 degree heat and high humidity) and fat is catching, y’know.

Thin privilege is not feeling bad for taking up ‘more than your fair share’ on any kind of public transport and not second-guessing why the seat next to you is always the last one filled.


  1. raenef said: Yeah.. I can’t help but feel really bad when people have to squish in next to me. I do try my best to squish as far as I can into the seat though so they’ll be more comfy. ;-;