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Who on this blog is saying that one lifestyle is better than another? The only lifestyle change This Is Thin Privilege is advocating is the one where self-righteous smart-asses stop assuming that doctors who went to medical school (for *gasp* eight years!) are all-knowing gods and that the fat people who have lived in their fat bodies for decades don’t know shit about what is best for that body or the person who lives in it. To put it another way, the lifestyle this blog advocates is a lifestyle of dignity, respect, advocacy and inclusiveness of fat people. That lifestyle has nothing to do with a body, thin or fat. It has to do with a mindset. Who am I/are we to say that is “better”? We say. Because our bodies belong to us. Not to you, not to our doctors, not to society.

Who am I to say that a doctor is wrong?

Me. It’s my fucking body.

And what did I do (presumably you mean “What did you do to earn the right to say that you know better than a doctor who went to medical school for eight years’)?  I lived every single day in my own fat body for longer than you’ve been alive and certainly longer than anyone went to medical school. That’s what I did and continue to do every single day. Thanks for asking.


Also, because apparently this is broken record day, READ THE FUCKING FAQ, YOU TROLL.

-MadGastronomer, the FAQ Pixie

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