This is Thin Privilege

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Can all the angry fat people please stand up, please stand up, please stand up. I mean, what's wrong with being an angry fat person? I am fer shur an angry fat person.

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Nothing’s wrong with being angry. Not a damn thing. 

Especially righteous anger. 


Unfortunately for His Excellency the movement is likely to grow with ridicule as it is certain to flourish on repression. No vital movement can be killed except by the impatience, ignorance or laziness of its authors. A movement cannot be ‘insane’ that is conducted by men of action as I claim the members of the Non-co-operation Committee are….Ridicule is like repression. Both give place to respect when they fail to produce the intended effect….It will be admitted that non-co-operation has passed the stage ridicule. Whether it will now be met by repression or respect remains to be seen.….But the testing time has now arrived. In a civilized country when ridicule fails to kill a movement it begins to command respect… — Mahatma Gandhi