This is Thin Privilege

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I am broke. Broke broke broke broke broke. Let me paint this picture for you, I'm a college student attending one of the most expensive colleges in the country with no income. Spending money on food - like actually money that I would need for things like pastas and meats and breads and whatever else some moron thinks "makes me fat" is not even a reality for me. I AM HUNGRY and I've been fat since I was like 18 months old. How can we make this any clearer for them?

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Plus that you have no responsibility to account for what or how you eat.

Trust me, the minute we start food journaling for these fatphobes they’re just going to say we’re lying, that we’re underreporting our intake or something, or they’re going to start launching into static metabolism theories whereby you can gain several pounds a year by eating a single extra forkful of mac & cheese a day (I’ve seen this seriously put forward by people who know a little algebra and physics and fuck all about the human metabolic system). 

We’ve got to nip this shit in the bud. Yes, they’re going to say we’re “obviously lying!” by refusing to show our food journals, but we cannot, CAN NOT let them bully us into having to prove we fit into their arbitrary health boxes, because as soon as we ‘conform’ the standards change, or they’ll just say we’re lying.

This isn’t about being healthy. This isn’t about proving our point by using ourselves as an example. This is about them controlling us. Making us jump when they say we should jump. It has GOT to STOP.