This is Thin Privilege

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Is it appropriate to agree that overeating is a problem of Western society if we emphasize that fat bodies aren't neither cause nor immediate consequence of eating more than necessary? A far as it's everyone's own business of what they put intro their own bodies, people should first be well AWARE of what their dieting choices cause to them and what they don't. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I definitely didn't intent to sound healthist here.

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Are you somehow under the impression that people DON’T know what fucking EVERYONE thinks about the food they eat? That we don’t hear about this 24/7?

Yes, accurate nutritional information should be available to everyone. Most of what’s being repeated by people just like you, who are oh so worried about other people’s health, is bullshit, though. You have no fucking clue how much people are actually eating, or even what constitutes “overeating”. You have no fucking clue because the research doesn’t exist. We don’t know what “overeating” is, but we do know that it’s different for different people. We don’t know much about what people are actually eating, because most of those studies are based on self-reporting, which is unreliable in the extreme.

So no, it’s not appropriate, because we flat out do not know that it’s true. It’s bullshit you’ve been fed.

And it’s no fucking business of yours how much anybody but you eats. It’s not for you to insist that OMG EVERYBODY IS OVEREATING, when you don’t actually know that, and it’s not your business anyway.

Yes, you certainly are being healthist.



  1. ozziescribbler said: I’m sorry. You have every right to be mad at me.
  2. musingsofafangirlcalledrain said: i agree with you Mad, completely.. i wish i could reblog this!.