This is Thin Privilege

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Can we please bury this progressive myth that the reason poorer people are fatter is because they’re eating more ‘unhealthy’ foods than thinner, richer people?

It smacks of healthist elitism and doesn’t take into account the many other more compelling reasons poorer people are fatter. The fat wage gap, for instance, or stress from being fucking oppressed and poor.

Can we stop trying to find ‘lifestyle’ reasons for fatness in progressive FA circles? The ‘food desert’ argument for fatness, usually coupled with the ‘no time/money for the gym’ argument still put the onus of fatness on people’s personal choices and overall lifestyle, it’s just apologizing for those choices. It’s still worshipping at the Eat Less (Better) Move More! altar.

I’m also really fucking tired of rich elitists forming ‘theories’ of why poor communities are such-and-such. It’s so condescending. That’s a general point, not really a specific point related to fat oppression or thin privilege.


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    While fair, does this mean we should ignore the soaring increase of type-2 diabetes in children under the age of 20? Or...
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    Thank you for this. More ammunition for arguing with fellow thin people.