This is Thin Privilege

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Thin privilege is bragging about your thrift store outfit





I know there are some plus sizes in the occasional thrift store, but it’s much less likely that a fat person can walk into a thrift store and come out with anything, much less a stylish and affordable outfit.

Okay, true, but it’s not like people shop at thrift stores for the purpose of showing off their thin body. I shop at thrift stores because I’m fu—ing poor and I hate large corporations. If I was overweight I’d probably still shop at thrift stores because HEY, sweater at Value Village: ~ $5. Sweater from the mall: ~ $25. Way to take someone’s actions out of context. 

Not all thin people shop at thrift stores to find unique pieces, but some do. Some also shop because of financial considerations. The point is that most fat people can’t do EITHER. They lack that very basic choice. Note also that they pay a fat markup for mall clothes, if they’re lucky enough to even have a plus size store in their local mall.

So their options are — thrift store: nothing, or mall: $60 sweater (oh and there’s only one kind that fits, and it’s in a terrifyingly ugly color).


Disagree. I see tons of plus sized clothes at the thrift store. And I see TONS of plus sized girls who look fucking cute in their thrift store clothes. 

Thrifting takes patience and creativity. 

Oooh, thank you for thinsplaining it to me! I must be living in alternate universe, then, since I don’t find any clothes that come close to fitting me at thrift stores, and don’t think I should have to put in 10x the amount of time and energy and carbon finding the one or two things that might fit me. 

Thank you for thinsplaining that fat people who don’t want life to be 10x harder because they are fat are just complaining and lack patience and creativity. Oh and for obviously and willfully being ignorant about how some plus sizes like 12 - 20 might be relatively plentiful while 20 + aren’t, and then thinsplaining that these people don’t matter fuck all.

Thanks also for ignoring the message on the post about how yes, the occasional thrift store has plus size clothes, but that it’s much harder for plus size people to shop there (and, for most who don’t make fashion a fucking hobby and have to work or have families or just want to do something other than fucking shop, not worth it).

Fuck you very much for thinsplaining it to me. For a second there I thought I’d made a coherent, indisputable point about thin privilege! I guess as a fat person I lack the extra patience and creativity necessary to make decent observations, hm?


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