This is Thin Privilege

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Hi, I’m a thin person. I agree that thinner people are treated differently in society, but I’m just not very sympathetic towards many fat people. Fat people have the power to change their body to be healthier, unlike other forms of discrimination. Why should I care about flaunting my thin privilege if I only obtained this privilege by working for it?

First, you’re equating thin with healthy. Thin ≠ healthy. How many thin people do you know who say “Well I just eat and eat; I can eat whatever I want and I just don’t gain weight! It’s my “high metabolism”!” Plenty of thin people eat complete crap and sit around all day every day and they are not healthy. So stop saying that “fat people have the power to change their body to be healthier” when what you really mean is “thinner” (which is obvious since this is a thin privilege blog and not only do you mention that you are thin, but you agree that you get treated better because of it).

If healthiness is the the moral superior, then shouldn’t all those lazy, shit-eating thin people get treated like fat people get treated? Why shouldn’t they, like you (who worked so hard for your thinness) flaunt the privilege they’ve worked so hard to earn, right? And well, since healthiness and not thinness is the moral authority, then shouldn’t Holly Mangold and Ragen Chastain have privilege over lazy, shit-eating thin people? Hmmm…

Next, let’s discuss how you think that since you “worked” for your thinness, you think you’re entitled to not only be treated with the human dignity and respect that all humans are entitled to (but don’t get, ie. poc, lbgtq, disabled, fat, etc.) but you think you deserve to be treated better than just the common human dignity we all supposedly deserve right? Because, well, if you’re thin, then you’re just a “better” person, aren’t you?

Yeah, no.



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