This is Thin Privilege

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Men’s average ideal weight is up 14 pounds since Gallup first measured it in 1990 and their average actual weight is up 16 pounds. Women’s average ideal weight is up 11 pounds since 1990, and their average actual weight is up 14 pounds. These trends suggest that as Americans have grown heavier overall, their concept of what their ideal weight is has been adjusted upward as well. These results are based on Gallup’s annual Health and Healthcare survey, conducted Nov. 15-18. Gallup has asked Americans how much they weigh yearly since 2001, as well as in 1990 and 1999.

Americans Continue to Adjust Their Ideal Weight Upward (Gallup)

An average gain of 14 lbs among women and 16 lbs among men, since 1990. 14 lbs. 14 FUCKING LBS. THIS is the fucking obesity epidemic? THIS what I’m getting oppressed over?

A weight gain that can likely nearly be entirely accounted for by an aging population and smoking cessation?

THIS YOUR OBESITY EPIDEMIC. You fucking liars. You fucking panic-mongers. You fucking small-minded shitwads who desperately needed someone to feel automatically better than, through no actual effort on your part, by virtue of no actual ADDED VIRTUE on your part. 

Fuck you fucking healthists who’ve been pushing this fat panic bullshit ever since the lowering of BMI thresholds. Fuck you in the government for getting rich off panic-mongering and appropriating funds for giant new bureaucracies whose stated goal is to experiment on an entire generation of children. Fuck you employers for your ‘employee wellness programs’ that cause financial hardship to fat people who are penalized for having the wrong BMI. Fuck you insurance companies for profiting off the panic by charging fat people more for their policies. Fuck you stupid fucking economists who do assumption-laced back-of-the-envelope calculations that suggest fat people are responsible for global warming. Fuck you private and public foundations for issuing giant grants to anyone who does a study that finds in the negative for ‘the obese,’ and fuck you researchers who take that money.

The ‘obesity epidemic’ isn’t real, folks. It isn’t real. It isn’t fucking real. Welcome to the Theatre of Panic, Hate, and Other Shameful Social Tendencies. They say life is a stage. Well, I want fucking OFF of this one.

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