This is Thin Privilege

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Fat privilege



(oh, another troll submission! The hills are aliiiive with the sound of trolls…. As usual, my responses are in bold)

Fat privilege is blaming your weight on genetics.

Hate is ignoring whatever facts you need to so you can keep on stewing and spewing and basking in unearned social superiority.

Genetics controls where your muscle insertions are, and how easily you put on fat/muscle. Even with the worst genetics, you can get in shape.

Muscle insertions? Are those like the insertions I put in my bra sometimes? No, wait, forget I said that!

So I’m confused…are you say weight is or is not influenced by genetics? (it is, of course)

As long as calories in > calories out, you WILL lose weight. You WILL feel better. You WILL only need one airline ticket.

Except that the body as a Bunsen burner model (which is the calories in / calories out equation you cite) violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In other words: PHYSICS PWN!

As for airline tickets, if they keep getting smaller and the pitch keeps decreasing fewer and fewer people will fit into plane seats. The airlines control the seat size and whether or not someone can fit into the seat, not the person purchasing the seat. Duh.

Stop thinking that you can be fat and healthy. You can’t.

W R O N G.

Stop making excuses for the way you are. You’re fat because you eat shit and don’t exercise.

Assumptions make an ass out of you and…actually, just you.

(original troll post submitted by spessmerhenn)

Wait wait wait “As long as calories in > calories out, you WILL lose weight” This would require all thin people to either follow this or make sure their caloric intake=caloric usage to maintain their weight. We all know that people don’t stay thin that way, at least not most of them. Bodies are infinitely more intricate than a simple negative deficit to lose weight. Also, this person obviously failed math or something. This, >, is a greater than symbol implying that calories in should be greater than, aka more than, the calories they burn to lose weight. Besides their obvious lack of knowledge in how intricately bodies work, they can’t even write out what they meant to say properly.

Hahaha, I didn’t even notice the “>” ! I just read it like trolls usually mean it — the golden bullshit magic spell of “calories in = calories out” (= thin! Superior!) 

Great catch. I just got a submission that also caught it. You folks have sharp eyes.

(via fangirlspiral0913)


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    Really? It’s a ‘Privilege’ to be constantatly abused by asshats like the OP? It’s a ‘Privilege’ to be blamed for...
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    What. I don’t even. Fat privilege? That doesn’t exist!
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    Um…there’s a fatal error in the OP: As long as calories in > calories out, you WILL lose weight. Or, when written out:...